Zero to CPG

You have an idea for a consumer product.

We want to help you build
and launch with confidence.

Our goal is to support early-stage CPG founders building a product-based business

Bring your foodbeveragebeautyfashionhomegoodswellness product ideas to us, and we’ll create a custom roadmap, guide you through with mentorship and expert support, and get you positioned to
turn your big dream a big deal.

We're excited to announce Build CPG, the vetted resource database for growing your CPG business!

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You’re finally ready to act on the brainstorm you’ve had for a while, but have no idea where to begin.

We’re two CPG leaders that have built and scaled everything from dried fruit to hummus to software companies. But really, we have a passion for helping founders and that’s how Zero to CPG began.

We want your business to grow, and save you the time and energy you’d typically spend trying to figure out what you don’t know. We're going to take action on your idea to help you move from
zero to product confidence.

We’ve structured a roadmap to Get S@#* Done.

accountability check in's
industry experts
inspiring founders

We’re not messing around. Let's go Zero to CPG.

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We've been there.

Elena Guberman
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Scaled an e-commerce brand from 2M to 24M using optimized operations processes and automation. Shifted to the more delicious natural/organic industry, working across the aisle with brands like Soapbox, Picnik and Recess. Spent 4 years as the Managing Director at Rodeo CPG, a sales and operations consulting group, establishing partnerships for manufacturing, suppliers and logistics. To combat the waste created by the consumer products industry, launched Rubbish, a gamified approach to cleaning up litter, and leads growth for Givr Packaging, a sustainable packaging supplier. Will drive unreasonable distances for farm-fresh produce and is a dog mom to @LarsentheCorgi.

Sally Rogers
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Quit a corporate career with a passion for the food industry to become an entrepreneur. Within a year built Nibble, a healthy snack company, had lunch with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse, and launched Trellis, a health and wellness meetup group in San Francisco. Went on to build Parsnip, a brand partnership platform, and went through Y Combinator. Sits on the board of the Good Food Foundation, enjoys hikes in New England, and leads a weekly poetry slam.

We share a passion for snow, dogs, and CPG founders.

One day we’ll host a ski retreat for founders and their pups, but for now we’re settling on Zero to CPG.
We hope you’ll join us.

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